Adeline  Principato

Obituary of Adeline Principato

Adeline Principato is survived by her loving daughters, Roseanne Filippi and

Marion Franquiz,(son in law Benjamin Franquiz), her 6 grandchildren and 14 great 

grandchildren. Her caretakers Anna and Winsome have 

been part of her life since her beloved Angelo passed in 2005.
To sum up a life that spanned 104 years and 6 days isn't easy. The 
word survive literally means to 'serve life' indeed surpass it's 
mortal coil and extend your life into the lives of others, to 'pass 
it on' as you pass away. Well Adeline was the very embodiment of 
someone who gave her time, her incredible energy and her rich heart 
to everyone who'd welcome her.

She lived a very earthy, pure and deep life. It was the simple things 
that gave her the most joy.   She was a perpetual servant of the needs of others. 

Her needs were so easily met that it almost seemed 
like she had none. A smile, a hug and peck on the cheek and she was 
happy. Her capacity to contribute to your well-being was profound and 
subtle but ever-present. For 104 years, she was a constant port in a storm
for so many people. She rarely traveled and had no 'bucket list'. In 
her last years, she would  just sit back, close her eyes and sing her 
'jukebox' of love songs for us and smile ear to ear.

Losing her is a huge transition for all who were connected to her 
energy and her spirit. We are so grateful for knowing and loving this 
sweet and innocent ballroom dancing, sewing, cooking, gardening, 
soulful woman. She had no bitterness in her at all. She was the honey 
in our tea. When you live 104 years and 6 days your legacy speaks for 
itself. Rest in peace our friend.. Welcome home Adeline. May the 
pasta be as good where you are now as the million meals you made. 
We're sure Angelo is happy to have his angel back. Sweet sixteen 
forever for all of us.