Alberto Di Blasi

Alberto was born on April 11, 1935 in town called Montgana Reale in Sicily.  Son of Anna De Luca and Antoino Di Blasi.  He was 1 of 6 children.  His siblings: Pippo, Rina, Lina Fausto, Vittorio.  Spouse: Serafina. His children: Anthony, Fabrizio and Anna.  He was also an Uncle, God Father, Friend, Colleague.

As a child, he took interest in becoming a Tailor.  He moved to Milan and got his diploma at, Scuola Ruggeri di Milano.  From that point on, he specialized in Custom Tailoring.

On January 7, 1966 he came to the United States where he pursued his career as a Custom Tailor.  He moved to Jersey City, New Jersey and lived with his Uncle Nick.  He worked at Taverna Factory in Manhattan, NY to tailor men’s suits.  

In October of 1970, he met Serafina at their job.  Two months later, Alberto proposed to Serafina in December of 1970.  They were married on March 20, 1971.

In December of 1971, they moved from Jersey City to North Valley Stream, NY where they’ve resided since.  The Factory in Manhattan eventually closed, and Alberto opened up his own Business.  He’s been working since his last few days.

Alberto loved what he did.  From alterations, to creating custom suits from scratch.  He was wise, strong, loyal.  He had a heart of gold.  He would give you the shirt off of his back.  

He made sure there was food on the table, and that his family was taken care of.  He taught me to be true to myself and to tell the truth.  He would say, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  He said, “Anything you can do I can do better.“  He taught me how to stand up for myself, to be independent, and to let go of fear.  We watched tv together, went shopping, went to Atlantic City.

He taught me how to sew, how to ride a bike, how to drive.  He taught me manners, and to be kind to others.  He said, that life is too short.  He said that family is the most important thing in life.  

My father lived a good life.  He traveled, he laughed, he had fun with his friends and family.   He had a big heart.  He always tried to be strong, even if he was in physical or emotional pain. Overall, he enjoyed his life and had no regrets.

Our heart breaks that he had to be taken away so quickly.  So many things I wish he could have experienced.  We will always have the memories and he will live on forever in our hearts.

Until we meet again.  We love you.